Best Thoughts

On Exercise

The Perfect Workout

Step One of the Perfect Workout: Rolling

Step Two of the Perfect Workout:  Just Move It

Step Three of the Perfect Workout:  Corrective Exercises

Step Four of the Perfect Workout:  Movement Preparation

Step Five of the Perfect Workout:  Strength Training

How To Structure Your Weight Lifting Routine

When Less Is More

How I Grew A Lung in 90 Days

Eleven Reasons To Start Exercising Today

How To Fit Exercise In

How To Shake Up Your CF Kid’s Exercise

Creative Ways To Make Exercise Fun For Your Child

Exercise For Preschoolers and Elementary School Children With CF

The Trying, I Mean Adolescent, Years

Five Reasons You Must Start Resistance Training Today

The Pros and Cons Of Working Out in A Gym

Posture For the Sick and Happy

On Meditation

Mindful Shaking

Thoreau On Illness

“Port” al

On Finding My Mojo

Top Five Strategies For Living Well With A Chronic Illness

Top Ten Ways I Thrive

Ants And Elephants

Operation Exacerbation

The Slight Edge

How To Raise Your PFT’s

On Cystic Fibrosis Research

Running From Depression

Control Trumps Fear When It Comes To Adherence To Exercise in Cystic Fibrosis

A Giant Leap Forward?

The Beginning Of The End?


 Sick and Happy:  The Book?

N Is For Notice What Still Works

Is For Only

is for Taking Control of and Responsibility For Your Life

is for Decide What You Will Think and How You Will Act

is for Engage Fully In Life

A is for Accept What You Cannot Change Without Becoming A Victim

is for Discover Your Strengths and USE Them Every Day

Y is for You Are Not Alone

E is for Envision The Opportunity

T is for Tom, Too Late, and THANK YOU

Fun Adventures

Annual (Sort of) Frieds’ Club

Time Out For a PICC

My Weekend At The RKC

Musings About CF

CF and Time

Hot Flashes, Hand-Me-Downs, and “Honey, did you see me take my ______ today?”

When The CFF Gets It Wrong

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