Chest Opening Stretches

Have you noticed those long, white, cylindrical foam things in your gym, and not known what to do with them?  One thing you can do is quite painful, but good for you, and will be the topic of a future video.  Today, I’ll show you a couple of lovely stretches to do as you lay over the foam roller.  These particular stretches are great for people with lung disease.  The more we can open our chest and anterior shoulder area, and keep from hunching, the more lung tissue is available for air exchange.

I do these after every single workout.  It’s sort of like a reward for working hard.  Spend at least 30 seconds per stretch, and if you have more time, even better.

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Push Ups for Kids Who “Can’t Do” Push Ups

It’s not always easy for a young kid to do push ups, even “modified” or knee push ups.  This video demonstrates how to use a stability ball to make push ups easier.  Over time, your child will build up enough strength that knee push ups will be possible.  Then, before you know it, they’ll be bench pressing you.

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More for the Core

How did those Superman/Bananas go?  Harder than it looks, no?

Today, I have another fun way to work the back using a stability ball, and also introduce the wheelbarrow as a great way to help your child develop both core and shoulder strength.  Over time, you can add distance to the wheelbarrow, or even try going up a few steps.  Make sure to cue your child to keep their tummy tight and not let the back sway.

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Fun Abdominal Exercises For Kids

by on September 29, 2010
in exercise, INSTEP VIDEOS

I hate sit ups.  I don’t know anyone who likes them, in fact.  Why should we ask our kids to do what we hate?

The good news is that sit ups and crunches aren’t necessary evils.  It is quite possible to develop very strong abdominal and other “core” muscles with other more interesting, and functional, exercises.

So I am posting a few here.  I am in the process of creating a playlist of exercises for kids on my YouTube channel as part of a study I am helping with.  The study is looking at how exercise (in combination with weekly coaching) can benefit kids with CF.

Now, just because the title says “for kids,” and they have cutsie names, doesn’t mean you can’t try them, too.  Go ahead…I dare you to do the Banana/Superman–5 times each direction.  Double dare….

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