It seems like years ago that I wrote about wellness coaching.  This was a general discussion of what wellness coaching is and how it works.  Today, I think it would be a good idea to focus a discussion more on how wellness coaching could help someone with a chronic illness.  Is the coaching process or the goal different for someone who is, by definition, sick?  Is there a point to wellness coaching if you carry a diagnosis that isn’t going away?  Is wellness coaching focused on making the illness go away?

One thing I want to point out up front is that when I do wellness coaching with someone who has a chronic illness, this is not the same thing as “chronic illness coaching.”  There is such a thing as a chronic illness coach.  They might help someone work with a specific illness in order to handle it better.  This type of coaching, to me, is very focused on the “illness,” and not the intact being who lives in a body that is not perfect.

The focal point of wellness coaching is not the illness and how you are in relation to it.   Instead, while a wellness coach will ask you to see clearly where you are right now, he or she will also ask you to envision where you want to be.  Then together you discover the path from A to B.  Yes, the fact that you live with an illness will come into play as you define your path, as will other obstacles.  None will be emphasized over the others. Certainly some may require some complex navigation strategies.

Instead, what is emphasized in a wellness coach/client relationship is that wellness is not a specific target point.  You don’t one day reach “wellness” and from then on, fight to stay there.  Rather, I like to think of wellness as a “frequency” that you tune into.  Regardless of the brand or power or age or color of your tuner…even if it has a broken knob or two…every tuner is capable of finding this frequency.