Fun Abdominal Exercises For Kids

by on September 29, 2010
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I hate sit ups.  I don’t know anyone who likes them, in fact.  Why should we ask our kids to do what we hate?

The good news is that sit ups and crunches aren’t necessary evils.  It is quite possible to develop very strong abdominal and other “core” muscles with other more interesting, and functional, exercises.

So I am posting a few here.  I am in the process of creating a playlist of exercises for kids on my YouTube channel as part of a study I am helping with.  The study is looking at how exercise (in combination with weekly coaching) can benefit kids with CF.

Now, just because the title says “for kids,” and they have cutsie names, doesn’t mean you can’t try them, too.  Go ahead…I dare you to do the Banana/Superman–5 times each direction.  Double dare….

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3 Responses to “Fun Abdominal Exercises For Kids”
  1. Kori Tolbert says:

    Hi Julie,
    So glad to hear that you will be doing work with kids who have CF. I absolutely believe in the benefit of coaching and mentoring kids with CF. Infection issues have done a lot to change our CF communities. I think it can be so benificial for children with CF, or any other chronic issue, to be able to check in, be supported by, and be held accountable by either a health coach or mentor, or someone who is living strongly that they can look up to and grow with.
    Great job with the exercizes! I’ll be giving them a try for sure!
    Love and Gratitude.

  2. click says:

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