Got your attention, didn’t I?
I wish it were that simple, but alas, it does take some planning and some discipline.

The first easy step is to find out why you want to be fit!  How simple.  You don’t even need running shoes for this one.  Take out a sheet of paper and list as many ways  you can come up with to answer the following:
“I want to be fit because…..”
Aim for at least 20 reasons.  If you can’t think of 20, go back to number one, and ask yourself, “Why is that important to me?”  Then do the same for number 2, 3, 4…,
This is an important step, so although you may think it sounds stupid, don’t skip it.  Now scan down your list, and underline the things that matter most to you, not to your doctor, or your parents, or spouse, or friends…just to you.  This is the real list…the one you want to post on your bathroom mirror, or some similar spot where you are sure to see it every day.

The second easy step is to discover what you love to do for exercise.  This may occur as you remember what you loved as a kid playing outside for hours, or it may mean getting brave and trying a few new things.  It doesn’t have to be marathon running or swimming the English Channel.  It just has to be something where you move…and something where, when you want to, you can increase the intensity enough to get your heart rate up and breathe deeply.

The third easy step is to DO IT.  Every day.  Start small…maybe just 5-10 minutes.  But commit to doing something every day (unless you are sick, of course).
I heard a great mantra about this somewhere:

Stand up.  Take a step.  Repeat.

Some days, you may not feel motivated!  Surprise, surprise.  But that happens to everyone.  Don’t let it stop you!  Look at your list from #1, then tell yourself to go out and do a little bit.  Sometimes when I do that, I end up having the best workout ever.

There is no good reason not to do this.  There are so many reasons to do this, that I will make it a separate post.

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