How to Over Do It

It has been some time since my last post.  If you were wondering how long you had to do Day Two, or if you have given up on me, I apologize.

This is what happened:  In short, I went, I conquered, I returned to crash and burn with pneumonia.

My mother was right, and so was my father, sister, partner, and probably even my dog.  You really can have too much of a good thing…even exercise.

Someday, some post, I will relay my experience at the RKC.  It was one I will always remember, and that I will never regret doing.  It was amazing to feel strong, to realize that I was as tough as the next guy, even though my lungs suck (ha, no pun intended).  It was humbling to realize how much I didn’t know, but equally gratifying to complete something I had set as a truly ridiculous goal for a 50 year old with CF.  I met great people, friendly people, scary strong people, and a few people who were there, like me, just to push themselves.  I was forced to “come out of my shell” in a sea of strangers (I really am shy), to explain my cough to people who worried for me, to assure people that I wasn’t really going to leave a lung on the floor–it just sounded that way.

I wore a Life Is Good shirt this, the first day, because it was really how I felt…happy to be there even though it was 35 degrees outside…happy to be swinging kettlebells with the best of the best…happy that my body was cooperating (well…it was at that moment)…just happy.

So I learned my lesson.  No more Navy Seal-like goals for Julie.  But, man was it a blast.

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