Irrefutable Evidence of a Universal Plan

I have had a massive left-sided sinus infection for a few days now.  Misery does not even come close to the right descriptive for what I have felt.  Thoughts of ripping out my watering, throbbing, burning, itching left eye, and scooping out the offensive obstruction were persistent.  Competing with them were images of just finding the nearest guillotine and taking care of it, once and for all.

Today is a new day.  I feel better, and for that, I am extremely grateful (in addition to Theraflu and brandy).  While showering this morning, I was able to find the underlying message in my recent illness.

As I always do now, I was mentally thumbing through my NOTDEADYET acronym, looking for new and exiting ways to use this tool in my upcoming day. The letter that stood out today was “E:  Envision the Opportunity“…found within your illness.  Here is why:

Yesterday, in my extreme desperation, I purchased a product new to me, called “Sudacare.”  This is an effervescent tablet containing lavender, mint, eucalyptus, menthol and camphor…which, when it dissolves in water, creates a veritable Drano-mist for the nose.  The idea is that you place this tablet on the floor of your shower, and take a long, hot time breathing the fumes.

You would think this would be quite evident to your sense of smell while showering with such a tablet, no?

So, I kept looking at this thing, shrinking on my shower floor, wondering when I would smell it.  Was it defective?  I smelled NOTHING.  Then it dawned on me…perhaps I was defective?

I then proceeded to sniff the shampoo, the conditioner, the Ivory soap (the smell of which reminds me of childhood vacations), the refrigerator contents, and alas…Cisco’s breath.  Nothing.

I believe the medical term is “anosmia.”  I currently have absolutely no sense of smell.  It’s a very disconcerting thing, really, because it also affects my sense of taste.  But I digress.

Here was my realization from this morning’s shower.
As often happens on days that I oversleep and am rushing to get the kids fed, lunches made, and get off to school on time, the sewer backed up.  Just at the moment when I could delay no longer, and excused myself to convene with my dogs in MY bathroom, my son shouted from the OTHER bathroom, “Mom, the toilet is flooding!”

Sure enough.  I had to use the emergency trick a nice plumber had taught me to stop the water from rising.  One more millimeter would have been disastrous.  Knowing the probable answer, I went outside to look at the cleanout (this is a recurrent issue at our house…. it has to do with roots––that’s all I know).

You guessed it.  There was not simply water and tissue backing up out of the hole in the cement, created by the cap being blown off by the pressure…There was so much more.  And it wasn’t just in the hole.  No, it was all over the driveway…spilling into the street.  I will not try to describe the disgust I felt.  Griffin summed it up best:


Suddenly, I didn’t have to do anything to rush them out the door.

And the irrefutable evidence is this:

I smelled nothing.

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