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Fishing with Mo

Totally in the zone. Where are those fish anyway?

A great soul has left our earth.  As many of you know, I have quite a soft spot in my heart for Border Collies.  Mo Ringel was (in my heart) second only to one—Cisco Desch—in the heated competition for best Border Collie ever.

Borders are more intelligent than humans.  Any intelligent human knows this.  Mo was so smart that she only let those who were in her pack touch her.  Seriously.  And even her pack members had to check the look in her eyes to confirm her permission for a simple pet. This was one smart dog.  How many times have you been touched, physically or emotionally, by someone without your permission which resulted in a good outcome?  Not many. Mo Ringel was (in my heart) second only to one—Cisco Desch—in the heated competition for best Border Collie ever.

The mantra at Mo’s house (and it was most definitely her house) was, “DON’T TOUCH THE DOG.”  I only disobeyed this order once.  That’s all it took.  From that point on, Mo and I had an understanding…I could sit next to her, talk to her, coo coo her, and we were good.  In fact, when I followed her rules, she even came to find me a few times.  Others were not so lucky.  I am almost ashamed to admit that on visits to Mo’s house, my own children seemed to think it a game to see who could touch Mo first without getting bit.  This only worked on the boat, when Mo was so busy biting the wake that she didn’t notice the surreptitious pokes by my deviant boys.

And this brings me to the greatest dog owning family ever…the Ringels.  How many people do you think would keep a dog, in fact, shower said dog with love and lake trips and raft rides and golf ball chases after numerous veterinarians tried to convince them to put Mo “down”  due to her somewhat unusual social skills.  When just to have Mo checked out a a vet meant cajoling her into the car (without touching her, of course), and then forking over the cash for general anesthesia for a simple check up, or shot, or whatever?  This was true love, and it went in all directions in that family.

Fourteen years of love.  You can’t beat that.  Now Mo and Cisco are frolicking somewhere in a parallel universe.  I just hope Cisco doesn’t touch her.  RIP Mo Ringel.


The girl loved her boat!

The girl loved her boat!

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