Shame on You, Wally Koala

by on April 27, 2009
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So there I was walking to my mindfulness movement class with my PICC line in my arm, when I noticed the brilliant blue and yellow writing on the white background of a Children’s Hospital van, “Wally Koala says TO BE HAPPY, YOU MUST BE HEALTHY!”

I proceeded to look at my right arm, where antibiotics were being pumped straight to my right atrium, and thought that no reasonable person would call me healthy right now!  Does that mean I can’t be happy?  Of course not.  I was immensely happy!  I knew that I was receiving what I needed to feel better.  I knew that I was lucky to be able to get needed meds this way, OUT of the hospital, so I could still live my life while I was getting better.  I knew that it was a gorgeous night, and that even with a catheter in my arm, I was walking briskly and breathing with no problem.  I knew that when the class was over, I was going to sleep on a fabulous new king matress  completely surrounded by dogs.  I wasn’t just happy, I was ecstatic!

Shame on you, Wally Koala!  What kind of message are you sending to the patients at your hospital?

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