Since this blog is a prologue to a book idea, I think it is appropriate that I lay out my idea in a series of short entries. So here it is.

This came to me at 12:30 pm one night when I could not sleep. I had been brewing an idea for a membership website which would be a place where people with a chronic illness could hang out to get support, ideas, coaching, and other products that would help them to live as healthfully as possible. While on vacation with me, a friend suggested jokingly that a good name might be “” Of course, everyone laughed at the absurdity of such a name, but apparently, it stuck in my subconscious mind.

So that night the idea hit me like a gale force wind. Notdeadyet is not a website name…for so many reasons. I’ll let you figure those out.

But, perhaps, it is an acronym! I sat up immediately and took out my journal. Each letter in the acronym began a phrase that summed up what I have learned (through living with CF, being a physician, coaching others, and studying positive psychology) about being HAPPY while being SICK.

The weird thing was…I didn’t even really think. These phrases just sort of came to me…quickly. I had to write them immediately because I was afraid I would forget them (there is a precedent for this, trust me).

It was clear – Sick and Happy was the title (or at least the main part of it), and each of the chapters was going to cover one of the phrases, delineated by the acronym N O T D E A D Y E T.

And here they are…virtual drum roll please:

Notice what your body still can do, and take pleasure and pride in those things.

Only eat, drink, say and think healthy food, drink, words, and thoughts (i.e. cut out the crap).

Take complete control and responsibility for everything you can.

Decide how you will think and act.

Engage fully in life.

ccept what you cannot change without becoming a victim.
Discover your strengths and use them every day.

You are not alone – connect with others and give and receive support.

Envision the meaning of and opportunities found within your illness.

Thank everyone for everything.

My next 10 posts will go into more detail about each phrase, so come on back.

Pretty much everyone I have told about this idea says that I absolutely CANNOT use the word dead anywhere in this book. I would appreciate your feedback. It’s a joke, of course. But is it too morbid???