The Gift of Giving

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I have recently taken on a new challenge.  I love challenges!  THis morning I was sent an email link to the most fantastic site, called the 29 Day Giving Challenge.  It was started by a young woman with multiple sclerosis, who found happiness (check out her video on the home page) and abundance through the simple act of giving a small gift to someone else every day for 29 days in a row.  This has erupted into a huge movement of giving by thousands of people across the world!  Imagine.

So today is Day 1.  I just joined the Global Giving Village, as one of the 29 Day Giving Challenge member suggested.  I think I’ll update my giving here, to keep me honest.

You know, having CF is no picnic.  But when I check out these organizations and what they do, it reminds me first, that I really have so much to be grateful for, and second, that the quickest way to happiness is to give to others.  Of this, I am certain.

Now….off to the pharmacy for the third time this week!

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4 Responses to “The Gift of Giving”
  1. Simla says:

    Hi Julie,

    I don’t even know how I found your blog, but I’m glad I did. I love your message. As a fellow happy-chronic-condition person and coach (nutrition & lifestyle… in the vein of functional medicine), it makes me… happy!

    And that it happened to be on the same day you found 29Gifts… Cami is a friend and business advisor to me, and she is an inspiration, always -amazing what one person can do, isn’t it?

    Anyways, I wanted to just say hello, thanks, and it’s great to see your work.

    If you’re interested, you can check out my recent speech as a patient testimonial (for CPMC’s Health & Healing Clinic) where I received part of my care. It’s been a long road but I’m happy to say I’m essentially symptom-free today.

    Have a happy, beautiful day!


  2. I saw your podcast on Jerry Cahill’s site and I just wanted to comment on what a great job you do. Maybe one of these days I can bounce some questions off of you. You can learn more about me at


  3. Julie Desch says:

    Thanks Ronnie. I just checked out your site. Looks like you are a busy “sickboy.” Keep on doing what you do! You are a great inspiration.

  4. Julie Desch says:

    Hi Simla. Thanks for your comments. I watched your YouTube talk. Great job! I also checked out your site. It sure looks like you found your passion. I’m reading the current Mark Hymen book, “The Ultramind Solution.” It’s great, and right up your alley.
    Good luck!

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