Months ago, I was very inspired by a blog post I read from the Unknown Cystic.  If you don’t know him, I highly recommend that you check out his blog.  I’m not sure how he did this with a bag over his head, but he built a treadmill desk, and proceeded to log miles and miles each day as he toiled at his at home job.  This little nugget percolated through my brain over the summer, as I tried to figure out how to do something similar.

Then, the back thing happened, and suddenly it hurt to sit down for long periods of time.  So a percolating idea became much more urgent.  As I have the carpentry skills of a basset hound, and not a tool more complex than a phillips screw driver (which one is that?), I went the pathetically lazy route and bought the damn thing–other than the treadmill, which I had.  If you read Unknown Cystic’s articles, you will see how he did it and be much more impressed.

Here’s all I had to do:

1) Convince my teenage sons to bring the treadmill inside for me.  This was not as easy as you might think, but eventually they caved and proved that they were much stronger than their mother.

2) Order a TrekDesk on Amazon.  Ching.

3) Drag the 80 pound box through your house to office.  This is not recommended if you have a herniated disk, but boys were unavailable.

4) Assemble desk.  This is supposed to be easy, and I guess since I was able to do it, it must be.

5) Lift desk up and over treadmill–again, not recommended with disk herniation.

6) Start walking.  Get a FitBit or something like it, and try to create a new record every day.

7) Say goodbye to back pain and hello to foot and leg fatigue (but this gets better)

my new officespace