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by on January 30, 2009
in cystic fibrosis

News Release: Nanoemulsion kills highly resistant bacteria found in patients with cystic fibrosis

It looks like “Private Practice” may have to come up with a new story line.  Could pan-resistant bugs be killed by an aerosolized emulsion?  Check this out:

“Respiratory tract infections are the primary cause of death in persons
with cystic fibrosis, and there are simply no effective therapies for
patients infected with Burkholderia and other bacterial species that
are resistant to all known antibiotics,” said John LiPuma, M.D.,
professor and associate chair for research in the department of
pediatrics at the University of Michigan. “The nanoemulsion we tested
was bactericidal against all but two of 150 bacterial strains,
regardless of their levels of resistance, and it inhibited the growth
of all the strains.”

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