Wellness is a Mindset

I have decided to enter the 21st century.  Today, I SKYPED for the first time!  Completely cool.  I felt like George Jetson must have felt when he first rode in his jet mobile.

Anyway, New Day Wellness needs a blog, so here it is.  Here is where I will wax prolific about how I stay healthy with Cystic Fibrosis, how it IS possible to sleep in one bed with one partner and 5 dogs, and sometimes two boys, and various other topics as they randomly occur to me.  It is a big bed.  Life is short, I say.  Fill your bed.
So today was day 45 of P90X, a home fitness program designed for lunatics.  I am determined to finish it, so I have 45 days left (hence, P90 (days)X).
When I started the program, I thought how hard can a one hour workout be?  What I didn’t know was that…well I’m not going to tell you.  I think you should try it and see.  I especially would love to hear your comments about the “Plyometrics” DVD.
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